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THE BLESSING: The key to breakthrough life – Course by Craig Hill

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God planned for life to be imparted to His people through the spoken blessing.

The Old Testament fathers expected the blessing to release God’s Favour into their lives and the lives of their families. That same expectation can rest in the hearts of all who accept the challenge to learn the biblical way to Bless. This practical study will teach and encourage parents/Fathers on imparting Blessing to their family.

The course includes the following topics:

Session 1: Disciplining Children in Honor and Blessing

Session 2: A Life-Changing Weekly Habit

Session 3: Blessing at the Time of Conception & Time in the Womb

Session 4: Blessing at the Time of Birth and Infancy

Session 5: Blessing at the Time of Puberty

Session 6: Blessing at the Time of Puberty

Session 7: Blessing at the Time of Old Age & Conclusion

*This course is purchased in a set, including the course DVD set, one participant’s manual, one leader’s guide manual and The Power of a Parent's blessing book to read while doing the course. The manuals can also be purchased separately according to the amount needed.