Marriage Undercover – By Bob and Audrey Meisner-

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This is a true story that every husband and wife should read. Bob and Audrey Meisner had it all: a fruitful ministry, three beautiful children, a picture-perfect marriage. Their future seemed secure and their prospects bright until adultery threatened to bring it all crashing down. Faced with the greatest personal crisis of their lives, Bob and Audrey found hope and rescue through godly counsel and through learning the biblical principle of covering to protect their marriage and their family. Through heart-wrenching emotional anguish, deep layers of repentance and forgiveness, and even an unanticipated pregnancy, Bob and Audrey found restoration in discovering the true nature of supernatural love and the limitless grace of a merciful God. Against all conventional wisdom and human expectations, their marriage not only survived, but came to thrive in the midst of a culture that is increasingly hostile to traditional family values. Learn how to cover your marriage and protect your family. Rediscover how to become irresistible to your spouse. Learn how to make your marriage thrive in a culture of quiet desperation. Take cover! Don't leave your marriage unprotected!

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